Recently in America, there has been islamophobia,
racial rallies, women's rights issues, police brutality allegations and racial tension. All of these social issues has proven that our country is divided. Students are curious about social issues and often, administrators/teachers are not equipped with the tools and diversity training to effectively educate students about these matters. 

It is not yet mandated for students to learn diversity education (social psychology, race/gender in historical context and kinesthetic opportunities for students to connect.) According to the US Board of Ed., many students in schools are self segregated and millions of Americans have biases, stereotypes and prejudices that are rooted in miseducation. 

We partner with schools by providing assemblies, after school events and career awareness opportunities.


Partnering with The Diversity OrgANIZATION will help break systemic social issues by inspiring your students to build accepting and inclusive communities at your school and be the next generation that prioritizes equality for all.