The Diversity Org provides high school assemblies and college/career readiness programs that inspire underserved students to finish high school, select diverse college academic majors and understand how to succeed as a minority in the workforce.


Wealth disproportion among races in the U.S. leads to underprivileged minorities graduating college less and choosing lower paying college majors/careers.

  1. 60% of the wealthiest students graduate, 16% of low-income college students graduate - National Center for Education Statistics.

  2. Minorities have high representation in low paying fields and low representation in high income/fast growing fields - U.S. Census Bureau

    Conclusion: Fewer minorities attending college and high-paying jobs translates to wealth disproportion. it also translates to a lack of positive role models for younger generations on how to be financially successful.


1. Diversity and Inclusion Awareness Assemblies

Our team of diverse millennials host high school assemblies that inspire underrepresented students to attain higher education and seek diverse work opportunities. We teach students about -

  1. The historical racial policies that created the economic disproportion among racial groups.

    • So students understand the economic disproportion that they may be experiencing.

  2. The importance of education and choosing academic majors that lead to jobs that pay higher salaries.

    • The value of education as a gateway to success.

    • Teaching students about high paying college majors and careers.

  3. The advantages of diversifying one's network

    • The importance of diversifying their network with people from different ages and backgrounds to become more successful.

2. Career Awareness -

We select underrepresented High School students from each school, to visit our corporate partners offices, to learn about careers that they may not have known existed, and to acquire first hand knowledge on diversity in the workplace.

3. College Readiness -

Our partnerships with college readiness nonprofits helps underrepresented students from each school, gain access to higher education opportunities by having our partners assist in:

    1. applying to colleges

    2. gaining access to educational funding/aid

    3. acquiring their college degree.


We Are Them.

Our diverse team of millenials are close to the students age, are accomplished and come from similar socioeconomic backgrounds as the students. We are skilled and tested in galvanizing low income students to realize the importance of education and diversifying their perspectives on high income college majors and careers.

We Get Other NonProfit Organizations Involved. 

Low income college readiness nonprofits are valuable. The Diversity Org helps to connect the thousands of student we reach to our diverse array of nonprofit partners. Our college readiness partners help low income students apply, gain funding and acquire college degrees. 

We Help Students See that Success Is Possible.

The Diversity Org doesn’t just teach students how to attain success, we show them success. We bring students to corporations where they can meet diverse staff members and see people like themselves represented in diverse careers.

The Diversity Org is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. 

All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Our federal tax ID number is 47-4419223

Partner with us to educate the next generation on diversity so they can be the equality our country and world needs!