What Have We Accomplished? 


- 50 assemblies in 3 years with several educational institutions (high schools, colleges and universities).

- Partnership with YouTube's Creators for Change Initiative

- Core administrative staff of 20 and 5 advisors

- Successfully completed NYU's Exclusive Business Incubator "Launchpad"

- 88% of students want us to come back for more assemblies

High School Assembly Testimonials (Students, PTO and Admin)


Thanks for coming to my school today, I loved everything you guys said. It was very moving and I think it is time for me to come out of my comfort zone and become an Eagle
Before the DO came to our school, I never really though about other peoples struggles. I am now inspired to not only think of myself, but how I can unite people and make a difference.
So inspiring! It made me realize how life is too short to listen to people who say you « can’t »
Cant wait for you guys to come back this fall! 
Come back to our school next year!!! Thank you so much!
Thank you for coming out to our school, it really opened my eyes. I am lost for words!
Enjoyed the presentation, all of you are inspiring people. I always use to feel like I couldn’t accomplish my goals because others would say I would fail. But I am determined! Thank you all for this inspiration
I always heard people talk about diversity in the news but what I liked about this assembly is it really showed us the issues but also showed us the benefit of diversity