Through our high school partnerships, we host inspiring, interactive and high energy assemblies that focus on combating race, gender and social issues, in order to help students be more aware, inclusive and inspired to create equality.

We help schools reduce bullying, racial/gender intolerances and student self segregation, by providing interactive educational assemblies for students on acceptance, equality and social psychology. 

The #DOmore Assembly


Educate and inspire students to “DO more” by breaking out of their social comfort zones to build more diverse communities and prioritize creating equality for others.

The #HistoryAndNOW Assembly


Educate students about the history of inequalities and how it created our current social climate, issues and shaped the way we think of each other.

The #ShapeTheWorld Assembly


Kinesthetic learning opportunities for students to put what they’ve learned into practice in a fun, engaging, non confrontational and safe environment. This assembly will afford students the opportunity to collaborate with other students in creating solutions on how to shape an equitable world of unbiased work and educational opportunities for people of all races and genders.


  • The Benefits of Diverse Communities - We educate students on the benefit of diversity so that they value and strive for inclusion.

  • Social Psychology - We teach students about social psychology so that they can understand their biases and how to break them to actively create more equality.

  • Statistics - We utilize statistics so that students understand that being unaware of these racial and gender equalities, creates conflicts and an imbalance of opportunities for underrepresented groups.

  • Illustrative and Relatable Stories - We use illustrative and relatable stories so that students understand how to implement these concepts into their future and everyday lives.

  • History - Students will obtain a historically accurate understanding of race and gender inequality, which will help them better understand the past (history) and how it has translated to our present.

  • Equip Them With Tools - We equip students with the tools necessary to move beyond racially and gender motivated behaviors, challenge their biases and help them actively prioritize creating equality.

Why The Diversity Org’s Program is Designed In This Manner:

  • Assembly 1 - Through social psychology students understand what they think about race and gender

  • Assembly 2 - Students learn the history of inequality in the United States, who created it, and why, when and where their previous understanding of race and gender was developed

  • Assembly 3 - Students learn how to apply their new knowledge and understanding of diversity to their everyday life and desired professions (through educational kinesthetic exercises).