Through our high school partnerships, we host inspiring assemblies that focus on combating race, gender and social issues, in order to help students be more aware, inclusive and inspired to create equality.


The #DOmore Assembly


Educate and inspire students to “DO more” by breaking out of their social comfort zones to build more diverse communities and prioritize creating equality for others.


  • Educate students on the benefits of diverse communities - so that they value and strive for inclusion.  

  • Social psychology - so students can understand their biases and how to break them to actively create more equality.

  • Statistics - so students understand that being unaware of these things creates conflicts and an imbalance of opportunities for underrepresented groups.

  • Utilize illustrative stories - so that students understand how to implement these concepts into their future and everyday lives.

This assembly is the first step and foundation to ultimately create better understanding, equity and build meaningful/diverse relationships.



The #WomanPower Assembly


Empower young women by sharing history of successful women who have made a difference economically and socially. Reconditioning students (boys/girls) to prioritize being more aware of gender issues.


  • Raise awareness of women’s struggles - in social environments (schools, the work-place etc). 

  • Statistics - on bias against women and how it has created disproportion in opportunity against them.

  • Utilize illustrative stories - so that students understand how to implement these concepts into their future and everyday lives.

  • Social psychology - Communicating how men and other genders can actively be a part of creating equality for women  (dominant/ subordinate groups)


From the previous events students learned the fundamental education on inclusion, this event is based on creating kinesthetic learning opportunities for students to put what they’ve learned into practice in a fun, engaging, non confrontational and safe environment.

- Social Psychology 101 (More intricate edu on preconceived notions, stereotypes, attribution theory, bias etc.)

- Utilizing storytelling to paint a vivid picture of how students can utilize this education in everyday life scenarios.

Event mainly focused on giving students the kinesthetic learning opportunity (social icebreakers) to practice connecting with people who are not normally in their social circles.  


Racial and social issues are prevalent. Students are curious and uneducated about this, it’s our schools responsibility to educate students to break the systemic problem of ignorance. Our partnership with high schools will build a more inclusive learning environment and inspire students to connect with people who are different than them (race, age, gender, socioeconomic class). Students will be educated to understand our polarizing social climate and will be equipped with the tools to create more united and equitable communities.