#DOmore Assembly Program 1

#DOmore teaches underrepresented students about historical racial policies that created economic disproportion, the importance of education, and about diversifying one’s network.

Assembly Points Of Focus -

  1. Racial policies that have historically created economic disproportion.

    a. Helping students understand how, why and where they are in society.

  2. The importance of education.

    a. Students learn (from our culturally diverse millennial staff) how to utilize education as a tool to succeed economically and professionally.

    b. Educate students on academic majors that lead to jobs that pay the highest salaries.

  3. The importance of diversifying one’s network.

    a. We will use personal stories and data, to inform students of the value in building a diverse community of mentors and connections that will help them thrive in America.

#MakeItBIG Assembly Program 2

#MakeItBIG teaches students about college readiness, high paying jobs where their demographic is currently underrepresented, and provides students exposure to diverse corporate partner employees to learn first hand about potential career opportunities .

Assembly Points Of Focus -

  1. High paying jobs where minority demographics are currently underrepresented.

  2. #RepresentationSpotlight - Three 1 minute videos from diverse high income executives sharing what they do and how college uniquely positioned them.

  3. Nonprofit partner and corporate employee share insights on how to navigate through college and the workforce to success.

    • At the end of this program, students can sign up for the college readiness program and corporate partner trip. Here we will track how many students utilize these offerings and measure how it has impacted them.

    • Both of these programs are highly interactive, there will be music integration and crowd participation to keep the students focused and engaged.


The Diversity Org is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. 

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Partner with us to educate the next generation on diversity so they can be the equality our country and world needs!