What is the DO? 

The Diversity Organization is a non profit events company that is about bringing people of different races, cultures, and ages together so that we can learn and advance the human race together as one. We inspire and help people realize and reach their full potential personally, socially, academically and physically.

What does the Diversity Organization do?


The Diversity Organization hosts interactive events that are premised around spreading the message of love, reaching ones full potential, understanding, and acceptance.

Where are the events?

Our events are held at High Schools, Colleges, and various venues around the U.S. 

Who speaks?

At our events, varying members of the Diversity Organization's staff speak, as well as occasional guest speakers, and we always integrate interactive discussions with audience members.

What happens at the events?

At these events, we have music, public speaking, social ice breakers, giveaways, and audience interaction.