Event 1 - #WomenPower

Empowering women by sharing history of successful women who have made a difference economically and socially. Discussing women’s struggles for equality in social environments (schools, the work-place etc). 

- Statistics on bias against women and how it has created disproportion in opportunity against them.

- Share interview of women’s stories

Social psychology - Communicating how men and other genders can actively be a part of creating equality for women  (dominant/ subordinate groups)

Event 2 - #GETsocial

From the previous events students learned the fundamental education on inclusion, this event is based on creating kinesthetic learning opportunities for students to put what they’ve learned into practice in a fun, engaging, non confrontational and safe environment.

- Social Psychology 101 (More intricate edu on preconceived notions, stereotypes, attribution theory, bias etc.)

- Utilizing storytelling to paint a vivid picture of how students can utilize this education in everyday life scenarios.

Event mainly focused on giving students the kinesthetic learning opportunity (social icebreakers) to practice connecting with people who are not normally in their social circles.